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Re: [RC] Posture & Pickups - Janice Taylor - Elizabeth Walker

This is interesting, and kind of plays into what my dressage instructor is trying to teach me. She, too, wanted me to exaggerate the laid-back position, as I have a habit of leaning forward. It was, in my case, to help break up *my* habit, rather than because Caisson was racing around. In fact, she said that - considering what my body language was telling him - he was doing really well. :)

Her point was that to a horse, "lean forward" = "go faster". There was also a lot about how the seat-bones should move as well, but that had more to do with driving the horse onto the forehand. She also said that I wasn't leaning backward nearly as much as I *felt* like I was, and when I thought I was straight, I was actually a bit forward. Hence the exercise in leaning backward.

I did practice this, and I have to say that Caisson seemed to relax when I leaned backward, probably because it also forces the rider to relax. However - I agree with Leonard: it is hard on the rear end. I had some nasty rubs when I practiced too long. :)

On Feb 12, 2009, at 6:59 PM, Janice Taylor wrote:

It has been a while since I watched that segment. As I recall, they were working on relaxing a cantering horse (Arab) <g> because she wanted to race around faster and faster. Linda instructed the rider to sit in that laid back position as an exageration at first, then as the horse relaxed (and she did right away) the rider was to slowly come up in a more upright position. Even then the rider was more or less on her pockets. It did seem to really relax the horse from it's frantic racing around. It looked weird, but it certainly worked on that horse. I had my granddaughter try it on her horse and her horse slowed down and became much more relaxed. I've since tried it, but being much older and stiffer...it was too difficult for me to get into that position. Hard to undo old habits...<g>



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Re: [RC] Posture & Pickups - Janice Taylor, Kitley, Carrie E Civ USAF AFSPC 30 MDSS/SGSLF
Re: [RC] Posture & Pickups - Janice Taylor, Janice Taylor