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[RC] re: Sponging - Michelle Aquilino

Aren't we also missing the point that if a horse needs to sweat (or even us for that matter), that contributes to the process towards dehydration and the need for electrolytes (salt).  As Angie stated, the horse sweats in order to begin the process of removing heat from the body.  The more often WE can put the water on the horse ourselves, the less water (and resulting salt) needs to be taken from the horse's body in order to cool itself, and thus the less dehydrated (and need for electrolytes) the horse will hopefully experience.  Not that we can sponge the horse often enough to prevent ANY sweating, but every bit helps I would think...  It's all one big process, and us putting water on the horse helps cool the horse, which helps prevent the need for as much sweating, which prevents as much dehydration and salt depletion...

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