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Re: [RC] Goethe 75 mile correction on time - Diane Trefethen

enduroride@xxxxxxx wrote:
I had a mix up on hold times in the 75 mile ride, all the times shown should have another 20 mintues added to them. This is for the 75 mile ride only. The winning time should be 5:50.
Connie's correction to the Goethe 75 results brings up the issue of reporting ride times. Some rides report "Riding Time", some report "Total Time" and SOME report the time of day the rider crossed the finish line! I think it makes sense for all rides to report the SAME time. My preference would be to report Riding Time but I think reporting the time of day is crazy. Still, my point is that when riders want to see about how long a ride takes, perhaps as a measure of its difficulty, it makes a big difference whether the reported ride times, especially 100s, are with or without holds and a HUGE difference if the reported time is the time of day.

Connie's correction suggests that at Goethe, they are reporting either "Total Time", which includes holds, or time of day. I find it impossible to believe that they are using "Total Time". The winning horses on the 100 is reported as 8:08. Even presuming only 3 vet checks, two 1/2 hrs and a 1 hr hold at "lunch", that leaves only 6 hours to go 100 miles which would be over 16mph AVERAGE! The winner of the 75 using two 20 minute holds and one 1 hr hold averaged 18mph. If the 100 had a fourth 1/2 hr hold, the winners average speed jumps to 17 3/4mph. For 100 miles? If that ride started at 6:00am, this means the winner finished at 2pm and the last place horse at 5:30 in the afternoon.

If 8:08 was riding time, the winner of the 100 averaged 12.30mph. If 8:08 was 8:08pm, we have to guess when the ride started, guess how many vet checks, and guess how long they each were to come up with any meaningful idea of how fast a horse needs to go to win or Top Ten. So, assume 6am, 3 vc's totaling 2:00 hrs, that gives us an average of just under 8 1/4mph.


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[RC] Goethe 75 mile correction on time, enduroride