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Re: [RC] Lucerne Hay and Laminitis - steelsidedown

Lucerne ("Denige") makes several varieties.  The timothy mix is 7% protein, up 
to the alfalfa which is 15%.  

I have several client barns using the "high fiber" (9%), free choice, for many 
years without a problem.  I used it myself in small amounts to supplement poor 
hay or a "candy hay" at rides to encourage them to eat.

It is a very rich, nutrient dense, fiber source.  Both the client barns I 
mentioned have track TB's, they feed little if any grain, and have FAT shiney 
working TBs.  I had always viewed it as a way to feed "properly", a quality 
forage diet, without the need to feed concentrated grains. 

I would worry about the straight alfalfa version, especially if getting a large 
amount of grain also.

There has been much research lately on founder horses having a genetic 
predispostion for the condition.  Is it possible the founder cases in the barn 
share bloodlines?


---- Nik Isahak Abdullah <drnikisahak@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

A friend of mine had a stable of around 20 endurance horses.Over the last 1 
year, 2 of his elite 'endurance campaigner' developed debilitating laminitis. 
Looking at their previous 'feeding' regime I did not feel that they are 
'over-graining'. The previous stable manager loves 'Lucerne Hay' though... 
there is a mountain of it in the ware house!Can  too much  of  'Lucerne Hay' 
be associated with laminitis??!!
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[RC] Lucerne Hay and Laminitis, Nik Isahak Abdullah