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[RC] no electricity waterer (energy free) - sbolinge

We have one and it works even to -20....Can't remember the brand name but you can get them at most livestock supply stores. Anyway, this is how it works (sort of!): You dig your water line to wherever you are going to put the waterer. Water line needs to be at least 6 feet deep but 9-10 feet deep the last 20 feet to the waterer. In the last 20 feet, along with the water line, you lay a stretch of  this 8 inch perforated black pipe incased in cloth that comes with the waterer. You want to have a layer of washed rock under and over the perforated pipe. This pipe comes up under and into the waterer supplying it with heat from underground. Then there is this little copper coil thing inside the waterer that shrinks and explands depending on the temp and somehow regulates the amount of water that comes into the waterer. So, between the movement of the warmed air coming up and the movement of the water coming in (sort of like the tank on the toilet), ice can't form. There are adjustments to be made with the float and the copper coil...but it really works!