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Re: [RC] re: RC] Bryce Canyon 5 day - Karen - Joe Long

Truman Prevatt wrote:
I grew up in the strip mining belt of Western KY back before there was any regulation. Western KY is in a coal rich area know as the Illinois Basin. Dig a pit, take the coal, walk away. There are many areas of Western KY that still to this day look like a moon scape dotted with old stripper pits. The only thing that will grow there is scrub oaks, rattle snakes and copperheads. Then came the regulation that required reclamation. That meant they filled as best they could the pits and then walked away. However, the top soil was lost in the mining process and the land is forever worthless for much of anything except maybe scrub oaks, rattle snakes and copperheads.
What we have going on here is an example of the "fallacy of the excluded middle."  The idea that if we don't lock up land in wilderness with such tight restrictions on use that only a tiny minority of people will ever set foot on it, the land is going to be destroyed the way strip-mining did.

The Wilderness Act was well intentioned and has much good about it.  The problem is that, like strip mining, it went to extremes.  We, through the AERC and other means, need to work toward not eliminating Wilderness designation but improving it.  Moving away from the extreme and  toward moderation, that allows non-destructive uses such as endurance rides.

If Truman and others want to have organized trail rides without competition under existing Wilderness regulations, more power to them.  I'd probably come ride one of those.  But they don't need the AERC to do that, and IMO the AERC should not go down that road.

Joe Long  aka ChipRider

[RC] re: RC] Bryce Canyon 5 day - Karen, Cindy Stafford
Re: [RC] re: RC] Bryce Canyon 5 day - Karen, Truman Prevatt