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[RC] wrapping (or the damage is done) - Sheila_Larsen

How's that for an opener just thought I raise some eyebrows.  I wrap my
horse's legs after a ride.  I come from the  track, dressage and 3 day
eventing.  The reason I wrap (I use poultice, handi-wipes, wax paper, no
bow cottons, and stable bandages) is that I DON"T want to see the damage
done, I WANT to see tight legs in the morning.  I know how to wrap well and
leave them on until the next morning.   I talked to several vets about the
idea of wanting to see the damage done because to me it made no sense at
all but I was willing to explore the concept.  They all said that you don't
want to see the damage, which is not to say they all recommended wrapping
because a bad wrap job is not good, but they thought it was a good idea if
the wrap was done well.   If walking prevents filling that works too.  I
also walk with the wraps.

As for all stuff being illegal, after a ride and final vet check I am not
going to worry about menthol in my poultice.  I will say also that I used
to use the green jelly but found that it got very warm after several hours
and that didn't seem to be what I wanted so I switched to poultice, but
what ever works to keep that filling away.

O, for a morning in May... filled with the beauty of horses, soft with
light of heaven. – Author unknown (at least by me)