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Re: [RC] FEI president Princess Haya defends controversial dr... - Elizabeth Walker

It is pretty sad - I agree.  

I do think that there are some things that are "performance restoring" - Adequan comes to mind.  I will also agree that there are some cases where a low level of bute or other NSAID will not cause any harm ... the horse is a little muscle-sore or something.  However, that is the top of a really slippery slope, and the potential for abuse is just way too large.

People spend a large amount of it to prepare a horse for this level of competition, plus entry fees, transportation, support crew, etc.  Most of these nations don't do this with volunteers - they pay salaries.  Call me cynical - I think that the folks who want these substances allowed are already trying to (or are) competing on drugs.   IMO, they are finding that the risk of being *caught* has gotten too high.  So -- change the drug rules.

On Nov 27, 2009, at 2:11 PM, sherman wrote:

Performance restoring, rather than performance enhancing!!! How stupid do they think we are???  This is disgraceful!!

"The aim was to enable supervised treatment no more than 12 hours before competition so that the medication was 'performance restoring' rather than 'performance enhancing'."