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[RC] re: crooked horses - Cindy Collins

What a great entry. That's exactly true. Most of us, by the time we are middle aged or older, have lots of issues with being crooked that we don't realize. We struggle with understanding that this big, powerful animal under our seat bones can be affected by our body position and over time can become as crooked as we are! My injuries/ surgeries/bad habits have caused numerous problems in my horses. I tend to collapse my body on the left side, especially in left turns. I ride with my right hip forward and my upper body tilted to the right and my shoulders hunched, and I tend to brace my feet and hands rather than absorb and give, etc. What I can say about my dressage lessons is that at least I have body awareness now and I realize that nine times out of ten, it's my body alignment causing the horse to misbehave or be crooked. Doesn't mean it's fixed, but I can work on it. I'll admit that it's much easier to call my horse names than to work on my own issues :) Cindy

"RC] crooked horses - sbolinge
When my hips started going bad, I was still riding and I managed to make two perfectly straight horses crooked. Both of them started out going down the trial straight with equal diagonals. As time went by and the miles accumulated, both horses started going down the trail a little tilted to the left and developed a rough diagonal at the trot on the right. I know now i was riding crooked, trying to compensate for pain and weakness on one side. Thing is, even with new hips and no pain, I need to re train my body/mind not to ride like that....old habits are really hard to break!"


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