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Re: [RC] Diagonals, etc - Lori Bertolucci

Make sure, having had this experience, that just because you horse is throwing you off his diagonal, that maybe there isn't more that could be causing the weakness.
We ask a lot of our horses and sometimes we look for the easier, for us, answer. 
If you are doing everything correct, and you still find your horse is resistant to a certain diagonal, get his legs checked. Hock issues are something nobody wants to admit to, but they are there. A sore hock could very easily appear to be "just" a weak diagonal.

From: "Vchorsegal@xxxxxxx" <Vchorsegal@xxxxxxx>
To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Wed, November 11, 2009 1:47:06 PM
Subject: [RC] Diagonals, etc

I really like to two point most of the time. I find my horses move more evenly this way. It does require more leg strength, apparently, as my novice riders seem to find this hard to do. It is something to consider if it works for you and your horse. If a horse prefers one diagonal over the other I like to do a little more on the "weak" side to even the sides out. During a ride, especially a 50 or longer, i wouldn't change things too much, as I feel it could make your horse sore. Look to your own self: balance, rigidity and body strength to be sure as a rider you aren't making the horse move a bit differently. Even a saddle pad one inch more to one side can change the balance a bit !  Find a friend or trainer to observe you periodically- it seems to help a lot ! Happy Trails !
- Heidi Helly
ps Happy Veterans Day to all the Heroes who help keep us safe !

[RC] Diagonals, etc, Vchorsegal