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[RC] [Endurance Tracks] Endurance horse racing as a hobby - Merri

Thetorch - Full Article

Simon Kemp
Issue date: 11/5/09

An LCC instructor finishes 10,000 miles of endurance horse races

Two likeminded instructors at LCC have found that riding and training a rare breed of horse for endurance races is a good way to unwind after a long week of teaching, and also get outside and enjoy exercising.

Susie Morrill has been endurance riding since 1986 and recently completed 10,000 cumulative miles raced. She doesn't just race but also breeds horses, specifically a cross between Morgans and Akhal-Tekes, and trains them specifically for endurance racing. She is also an instructor in the Media Arts and Technology Department teaching photo classes, and has been for 23 years.

"One, it's a long term goal. Two, it's a really tough sport. You really have to have your act together to pull off these long distances," Morrill said. "A 50-miler you have 12 hours to complete; a 75-miler you have 18 hours to complete, and a 100-miler you have 24 hours to complete. So you're riding just extremely long times, in the dark, over mountains."


Posted By Merri to Endurance Tracks at 11/07/2009 08:22:00 AM