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[RC] Need Input from Travelers, Vets - Sandy Adams

My mare who had been coming right along started losing condition a couple of months ago - in spite of great groceries and such - and so she went to the vet. Here is what he said, and I wanted to know if anyone else has had this happen and what it turned out to be. 

Her respiration was not dropping, even after 8-10 minutes. She stayed inverted for that time. She was not eating well at all no matter what was put in front of her. She has ALWAYS been a quite sort of mare, so it is really hard to tell if she is not feeling right. No fever, no snotty nose. 

The vet told me:
Ultra sound showed significant fluid in pleural area; Kidney DUN Value SHOULD be 20, it is 27 on her - this could be enough to keep her from holding her weight; no anemia; mild case of lymphoid hypoplasia, causing slight restriction in air flow, 1 on a scale of 1 - 4 so not too bad. 

He said that a heart problem, a mass or a virus such as fly or rhino could cause it but he did not give it a name. He pretty much discounted a heart issue or mass, since she HAD been working really well and hard up until then, and in general, horses don't do what she was doing if they have either of those. We are in southern Cal - and I wanted to see if any other horses have had such a problem. Yesterday was the FIRST time I have heard her nicker for her food in a long time. She just LOOKS unthrifty to me, though she is a lean mare to begin with. I read up on pleuropneumonia and kind of freaked. 

Realizing that this is not a vet list, I still wanted to hear from anyone who has had this happen to a horse before. Aside from a mild, pre-ulcer indication years ago, she has never been sick. Thoughts?

Sandy Adams
Deep Sands Arabians