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[RC] AHA 50 mile Endurance National Championship ride - Lucie Hess

I just have the Champion, Reserve Champion and BC winners for Purebreds and 1/2 arabs.
 Katie Crabtree (also First Jr.)

Reserve Champion
Darolyn Butler

Best Condition
Shannon Constanti

1/2 Arab
Elizabeth Dagnall

Reserve Champion
Kelvin Frank (also first Jr.)

Best Condition
Forest Olsen

The footing was kinda squishy today.  I didn't think it was too bad, some others did. 
It was COLD with a strong wind.  
 I rode the LD and did it by myself, I'm working on training my horse to be able to go by himself. Problem is when I ride by myself at home, there aren't bunches of horses going out of his line of sight or passing him and going on like there is at a ride. So Spanky was pretty wound up.  I lost some time, trying to make him stand still and listen to what I wanted. No pulling, no jigging, no head tossing.. and all of the other angry horse things he could think to do.  But we got it done and I need to do much more of that.
We rode the Pink Loop, nice to ride on, the 100's rode it 3 times.  Then the white loop, but only 9 miles of it.
The white loop is one of the twisty turny in the woods trails. It had not been "bulldozed" nothing changed except to clear out some of the tree branches.  So those of you who love the white loop fear not.. It is still fun to ride. Nothing had changed, it's just had branches cut back and  trimmed, just like you would work on any trail in the woods!

I'm riding one more LD tomorrow. The Witch Way? ride is sanctioned by Ozark Country Endurance Riders since we had a trail all marked and vets and support folks, we decided to put a ride on the day after all of the AHA events were over.
 That makes 3  LDs this week. First time I ever did that.  Seems to be going fairly well. We'll see tomorrow.
Off to feed the horse his night time beet pulp, ala Susan Garlinghouse..
More later!

Columbia, Missouri
NATRC Region 6
AERC # 65
AERC Central Region
OCER member