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Re: [RC] award???? - Joe Long

Donna Winters wrote:
Are ya'll serious? I mean it. You are putting in your wish lists for awards like you are registering at Macy's or Dillard's.  Shame on you.
A ride manager asked, to help in choosing awards.  What help would it have been if no one answered?
How many have shown up early to flag trails, chalk  lines and replace signs that motorcyclists and paint ball bean heads have stripped.
I have a time or two, at rides close enough to home that I got there early enough (or rides so far away that I got there a day early).  I have often helped clear and mark trails prior to a ride, for rides close enough to home to do that with a day trip.
How many have help set up registeration packets, making sure maps, dinner tickets, vet cards are in them.
This one I haven't, but most RM's do that in advance anyway.
 How many of ya'll have gotten off your pathic pity party butts to help check pulses, vet cards when you are pulled or RO?
I have, many times.
And How many of you have stayed a little longer on Sunday morning to help clean up cups, paper plates, horse crap, dog poop.
A few times.  Mostly I make sure that I leave my own area clean.  When I pull out I only go a couple of hundred feet, then walk back and make a final check.
And my least favorite, HOW MANY OF YOU TELL the ride manager THANK YOU???? Shameful, Shameful

How's that line go about assumptions?

Joe Long  aka ChipRider

[RC] award????, Donna Winters