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[RC] More Awards - Carey Brock

Do awards make a difference as to whether you'd go to a ride or
not?  If so, what's the minimum type of award that makes the difference? 
1. No, I attend rides by the following criteria: 1. Terrain suitable for the level of my horse, 2. Preferably multi-day, 3. Within driving distance

2.  Rides used to give out buckles for awards, but don't any
more.  Is it because they're too expensive and add a cost to the ride
that riders won't bear?  Or is it because riders don't care about buckles? 
Buckles would be expensive but would be nice. Probably a good idea to save them for really big rides. It’s pretty hard to wear 30 buckles.

3.  What about T-shirts?  Jackets?
Anything is good. T-shirts are OK. Like many have said, there are never enough small ones. I am trying for an XP jacket – maybe next year.

4.  What's the best completion or other award you've ever
gotten?  And would you want to always be able to get an award like that? 
I did get a cooler for my horse a couple of times for Horse of Excellence in LDs. However, I don’t expect that at every ride and can’t use 30 coolers. I have received ride pictures and really liked those. Probably the best award has been people at the finish cheering for us and admiring my horse. --- even though I ride it XP style – it’s pretty much a long trail ride and certainly not a race for me. Just tell me my horse looks great after 50 miles and I’ll be happy.

5.  What's the lousiest completion award you've ever gotten?  And if
you feel it was lousy, why? 
Running out of food for the last finishers –  food that I had paid for. Although that is not the completion award, it sure seemed to take a little shine off the finish. However, like others have said, just having the vet and others tell us we look great is award enough. Even though I know the vet it not truthful about me – I’m gimpy as heck at the end of 50 miles. --- Horse is sound, rider is grade 3 lame!

6.  What's your recommendation for a perfect completion award?
Others have suggested a ride fee discount. That works for me. Don’t break your bank account on the awards for me. I’m just happy that you managed the ride and let me ride it. If you admired my horse too, then all is perfect.


Carey Brock and Reyno