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RE: [RC] Awards - Maryben Stover

 I have a couple of questions for all of you about awards. Answer any
or all, as you please - but please do answer!

1. Do awards make a difference as to whether you'd go to a ride or
not? If so, what's the minimum type of award that makes the difference?
NO.  (unless it is in NM - lol)
2. Rides used to give out buckles for awards, but don't any
more. Is it because they're too expensive and add a cost to the ride
that riders won't bear? Or is it because riders don't care about buckles?
They used to give sterling silver buckles which would now cost as much as the ride entry in most cases.
3. What about T-shirts? Jackets?
Love them.
4. What's the best completion or other award you've ever
gotten? And would you want to always be able to get an award like that?
Best Condition.
5. What's the lousiest completion award you've ever gotten? And if
you feel it was lousy, why?
It's all good.  As Ruthie Waltenspiel told me, the ride is the prize.
6. What's your recommendation for a perfect completion award?
Bucket with logo, shirt, insulated coffee mugs with logo.....heck, anything will do.
Course I do have a box of sterling silver buckles from the OLD days.

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