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[RC] Lawsuits, previously sent to AERC Member's Forum - Lucie Hess

I find it interesting to read folks talking about the concern that lawsuits "might be filed" because of finish line issues and folks don't even know a lawsuit has been filed over the incident that ocurred during the Great Santa Fe Race
My understanding is that one of the riders or  the owner of one of the 2 horses involved is suing the ride manager. I've now heard it from several sources, and interestingly enough our AERC Board members didn't know about it, when I mentioned it at the Central Region Convention. 
I'm hoping I'm wrong, that this is just a rumor, but a few reputable folks.. more reputable than myself, said they were also aware of this lawsuit. 
 I thought you need to know that now our Ride Managers ARE being sued and that is NOT a good thing.
Here's a follow up email from me
More INFO...
I was asked privately who is suing, my response is that all I know is Rumor, and first I heard it was one of the riders, then i heard that wasn't true, then I heard it was the other rider, then I heard that perhaps it was the owner of the 2nd rider's horse that is suing
. I could also believe that if the owner had Horse Mortality Insurance, that the Insurance Company could be suing the ride manager, without either of the owners/riders etc filing the lawsuit.  The insurance compnay could be trying to recoup any payout theymay have made.. ALL of this is Speculation, and RUMOR! 
I also have heard that the reason AERC doesn't know about this suit, is that AERC had the Ride manager obtain his own insurance instead of using AERC Insurance.
So AERC wasn't contacted when the suit was filed, I guess.
My concern is that it might be settled out of court, and neither a judge or jury will decide.
Most suits are settled out of court, as far as I know..
AGAIN.. I don't know all of this to be true, but just what I have heard..
Who knows? 
 I didn't bring this issue up for specualtion on the "fault", but to warn ride managers and other interested AERC members of this lawsuit.  I know I certainly would be concerned if I was a ride manager, which I'm not, but I guess I could be brought into a suit if I helped mark the trail.. Scarey huh?? And I do mark many trails for our  local rides... 

Columbia, Missouri
NATRC Region 6
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