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Re: [RC] Calcium issues at a ride - lindapparab

Note: I don't have endurance miles. I do however have many years of pleasure riding and marking trails for endurance rides and managing rides.
Several years ago I had a wonderful trail marking horse. He could have done endurance rides, it was me who was the hold-up. However, there was one year where he started thumping. I was using the Ridgeway elyte recipe. I ended up giving my horse 2 (35mm) canisters of calcium each time I elyted him for about 3 months then cut it back to one canister for another 3 to 4 months. After that he never seemed to have a problem. I never changed his feed or the way we rode before or after his thumping episodes, so really never figured out what caused it. Just know that he got better with the added calcium.
My one rat study.
Linda Parrish
Kennard, TX
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Sent: Tuesday, January 20, 2009 9:33 AM
Subject: [RC] Calcium issues at a ride

Home from Gator Run ( what an awesome week end, Connie and Mike run a fun, relaxed ride with lots of food!!!:-))))) we did a 1 day 50 Sunday fairly moderate, I kept Miss T ( my horse) behaving as well as I could as we are going to a 100 mile ride in 3 weeks so did not want to blow it at Gator Run anyway at the end of the ride her HR would not come down, actually it was irregular , all over the place,( 60-80)  however the rest of her appeared to be fine! She was not tired, trotted out with lots of energy ,A's on gut sounds, dehydration cap refill etc...,was perky, ears up, eating like a pig, the vets were worried but puzzled as my horse did not look like she was in trouble but obviously something not good was  going on,. Anyway long story short eventually the vet decided it was a calcium problem and tubed a whole bunch of water,calcium and magnesium oxide into her. Within 40 min's Miss T's HR was down to 40 and she has been perfect ever since.

SOOOO anyone had calcium issues?? I bought a jug of calcium/magnesium oxide from Teddy ( Running Bear) and plan to use it at the next ride but then started thinking about the calcium phosphorous ratio, can I screw things up more ( or differently ) by giving her calcium???? The jug says to give 1/3 a cup 3x a day and another 1/4 c just before a race so I assume that it cannot be that bad , am having a foggy morning as  I cannot seem to find anything on the internet that is helpful so thought I would ask here!! The vet suggested I switch elytes as perform n win does not have calcium, any suggestions for other elytes?????

THANKS for any and all advice

Chrystal :-)

[RC] Calcium issues at a ride, Chrystal Woodhouse