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Re: [RC] Strangles in SE region - Kathy Mayeda

I agree with you Maryanne - we as a society tend to use too many
antibiotics.  When I lived in San Francisco, I was always sick.  I
would go to the doctor and they would automatically without question
give me a prescription for antibiotics.  I had bad bronchitis maybe
about three times one winter, and was given antibiotics only to get
sick again three weeks later.  One day I stayed home sick from work,
but got bored and went to the bookstore to get something to read.  I
found "The Yeast Syndrome."  One the cover it listed symptoms that are
pretty much like having a flu but it would be candida albicans
overgrowth that would be causing it.  And yes, the antibiotics
contributes to candida overgrowth.

So I followed the diet in the book and cured myself of being that sick
all winter.  Then I moved out of the drip line of San Francisco which
reduce my environmental mold exposure.  I usually do get sick once a
year but it's usually more because if I pull an all nighter and dont
get enough sleep during the rainy season - wham - I'll get sick.  So
I'm trying to stay smarter about that.   The diet was pretty
obnoxiously limiting, but it was a much more effective cure than the
antibiotics in the long run.


On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 9:09 PM, Maryanne Gabbani <msgabbani@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
One of the problems with that approach was seen here last summer during the
infuenza epidemic. Barns would give antibiotics "just in case" and then
later horses would come down with salmonella or some other gut nasty because
the antibiotics had killed off a lot of good gut flora. We probably lost a
lot of horses due to faulty treatments. Being on top of something contagious
like that is a real balancing act. Too much treatment can do as much harm as
too little and it's so hard to know which is which.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani


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