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Re: [RC] Biothane brebastcollars and rubs - Jen

Like I said my biggest ride so far has been a 25 (need a diff horse to do a 

But I have gotten similar rubs on my mare too.  I has stopped now that I give 
her a thourough bath day before any big ride (this works out to every 3-4 
weeks, sometimes 2).  She gets a head to tail shampoo, and I really work it in 
with a scrub mitt.  I find this gets out the scruff and oils and dead skin that 
make her so itchy.  This also gets out the fine (and not so visible) dirt that 
is in the hair, and which I personally think is the culprit of the mild rubs.  
She also smells nicer on ride day, the vet has even commented on it!   He said 
that he prefers the smell of a well kept sweaty horse.  Hey, whatever helps on 
vetting in!

She loves her baths.  She will come up to the fence if you pull out the hose.

I use a homemade shampoo bar, with cocoa butter in it.  It is mildly 
moisturizing on hair and skin.  She is the only one in the herd at the boarding 
barn that has not rubbed out her mane or tail!  

I'm also sure to rinse her sweaty spots very thouroughly on holds, to get out 
as much sweat as possible.  I scub her chest with the mitt; it makes her lip 
stick out and head drop waaay down (and brings down her pulse ASAP!).  I do the 
girth line too.

A clean horse is a happy Jen!  Dirty ones make me itch...

From: Janice Taylor <janusstudio@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [RC] Biothane breastcollar

Someone else spoke of their horse getting flaky under the breastcollar.  My
horse does this under all of his tack after a ride (competition, usually 50
miles).  Be it fleece, biothane, neoprene, girth, breastcollar and saddle
pads.  He's a chestnut so just assume it came with the red head thing...<g>
It doesn't seem to bother him, but it does make me wonder how to prevent
such a little irritation..  any ideas?



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