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[RC] Why is Jody mean to Daryl? - Jody Rogers-Buttram

No Daryl, you and I can never be such friends.  I was born and raised, in the great state of Alabama...the HEART OF DIXIE.  I have rebel blood cursing through my veins.  You are a Yankee, Sir...with all due respect, you even ride a horse named Cincinatti. I have to keep to my breeding and raising. You will even be wearing your blue belly Carpet bagger's shorts in the river. You will never be more to me, than the enemy.  Please, respect my wishes, and leave my young, beautiful daughter alone.  She will NOT be in the river after curfew.  And I am sure that you will be the honorable gentleman ( although Yankee) that YOU claim to be, and honor my request.
Jody Rogers-Buttram
Daughter of Civil war veterans, and proud of my Southern Heritage


All I wanted to do was support Steven's quest for horse. I didn't even talk about me (for once). And like a swift storm, Jody comes in attacking Daryl. I am hurt. Can't we just be best friends like I had always hoped? Can't we drop our Mason-Dixon line differences and just get along? What says a Yankee like me and a southern belle like yourself put down our swords and pick up some friendship?

And I'll be in that river... Count on that. I'll put aside my usual bedtime of 8:30 to break the rules and party. Just don't tell my mother.


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