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[RC] Western Saddles and endurance - magnumsmom

Hi All,

I'm hopefully about to embark on the trail with my new horse
and his western saddle which appears to fit him fine.  I've been
riding for the last 15 years in one stubben endurance saddle
or another.  Let's just say he'd look very silly under an
english saddle.  I'll probably eventually buy an SR Enduro
for him, or something similar, but we'll probably get started
with the Crates that fits him and see how far we get. 

Questions for those of you who ride in western saddles...
Do I have to stick with "western" breast collars or will an
endurance breast collar work?

Do I have to use a western cut pad or can I use an endurance
cut pad?  This is a Crates trail 400 with a very short rounded
skirt... the skirt is 24 1/2 inches long.  The pad would be an
equipedic which is 28" long.   The western equipedic is 30"
long.  The endurance cut pad appears to fit under the Crates
saddle just fine. 

Here's the best one of all:
Do you post?  :)  :)  :)

Thanks for your help!  Please respond here or you can email
me directly at magnumsmom at aol dot com.  Thanks!

- Kathy Myers
in Santa Fe, NM