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Re: [RC] Update: Horse not fitted up - safe to do an LD (Fireworks)? - Jennifer Fleet

I want to say thanks to everyone who gave me their input on whether or
not I should take my horse to the Fireworks ride after over a year and a
half without doing any serious conditioning.   I was very afraid he was
too unfit to do even the LD, but I went for it.   Good news is we got
mostly As with a few Bs throughout the day, and he pulsed right down at
both checks.   We finished 32nd out of 60-something riders.  I intended
to come in dead last, but we just kept up a nice medium trot the whole
way and he was fine at the 18 mile mark, so we kept on doing the same
the rest of the way.  He never acted tired and still had some fuel in
the tank at the end.  He was bright eyed and trotting around in the
arena at the showgrounds this morning (day after the ride) and shows no
signs of soreness or lameness except for some slight stocking up behind
that went away after a short walk.

I had a great time, and my friends were right (Thanks Heather and
Lynette!).  It is a gorgeous ride.  The cool weather was a welcome
relief from the 107 degree temps we have here in Fresno right now, and
that redwood forest we rode through looks like the land that time
forgot....just breathtaking!

So, I'm glad I went, and thanks everybody for easing my mind enough that
I decided to go.  :)

Jennifer and Shahtahr


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