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Re: [RC] CA rattlers - Truman Prevatt

Every good Southerner has a cottonmouth story. My cousin and I were sitting in john boat fishing. We noticed some bass jumping near a set of cattails. We go over there. About the time I make my first cast I see this snake come out of the cattails. I didn't think much of it but this sapsucker was headed for our boat and looked very unhappy. I reeled my line in quickly and watch him. He kept coming. My cousin grabbed the shotgun we had in the boat and shot at him - he kept coming. When it got too close the gun was no use since the last thing we needed was to shoot a hole in the bottom of the boat - my cousin is not too bright so I took the gun away from him.

By this time it was clear it was a cottonmouth and it was clear that he wanted a piece of us. He tried to climb in the boat. I beat him off with a spare paddle we had while my cousin rowed us away from the cattails. When we got far enough away the snake left.

I read an account of a guy who spend a lot of time in the Everglades. He talked about the time he was stomping through the swamp - crazy if you ask me - in a pair of good snake boots. He said he got nailed. Whatever it was hit his boot at the ankle so hard he went down. He looks up and is eye-ball-eye-ball with a cottonmouth. He said it was bigger around than his calf. He shot it. When he got up his leg hurt like the dickens. Later he found out his leg for broken above the ankle where the cottonmouth hit him.

Of course that is probably minor compared to the Burmese python that as some how invaded the Everglades (pets turned loose probably) and is rapidly working it way up to Alabama ;-) .http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/12267540/from/ET/

I killed a python (not a Burmese python) in the woods not far from my house two years ago. We were on a walk in the woods and I spotted him eyeing my large Jack Russell. Probably someone's pet snake that got away or got to big so they set him free. We do not have snakes 15 feet long native to Florida. I took it over to a Fish and Game officer and he identified it a python but didn't know the exact variety.

Then there was the Albino Python that Stepth Teeter's son found in the Evergalds on their visit there and gave it to Carlos Crespo since John couldn't very well take it back on an airplane. When Carlos found out it grew to 25 feet long he found a good home for it.

Pleasant dreams, Jody.


Jody Rogers-Buttram wrote:
That may be so, but there is no meaner snake than the cotton mouth. I have
seen them take on a bulldozer before...chasing it. My hubby shot one swimming
in the swamp one time, didn't kill it, it thrashed in the water spinning, holding it's
head up out of the water about 8 inches or so....when it saw hubby standing on
the bank, it locked eyes on him like a target. That sucker started swimming right
at him...he shot it and killed then. They are mean, they don't move out of the way,
they are short, fat and ugly. I have seen them with heads as big a hamburger, but
wedge shaped. I HATE SNAKES.


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Re: [RC] CA rattlers, Jody Rogers-Buttram