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[RC] Shagya registry launches PROJECT JUMP START - Donna J. Coss

Board Members of the American Shagya Arabian Verband, inc. have
a new and truly innovative program that will offer their stallions
at a stud fee of only $200. This promotion will bring attention
to this amazing breed and assist those with limited budgets the
chance to compete in today's market.

The details can be found on www.shagyaregistry.com

The Shagya is very rare with only about 150 in the U.S. and about 1500 in the world. It is a breed since 1789! For these 200 years
a certain type was selected and ruthlessly culled to set traits
that produce horses with temperament and minds that consistently
are passed on to their offspring. The modified Baroque conformation
crosses well with all breeds and improves hip and shoulder angles, legs and feet and a soft back that is easy to sit.

The breed has been discovered by the endurance people and many purebreds and cross breds are competing at the FEI level.

One cross that is producing division winners in the Hunter ring is the Shagya stallion crossed with Thoroughbred mares. The foals are tall, with improved conformation, better feet and legs and all of the flighty reactions of the TB is replaced with a lovely prospect,
perfect for jumping, combined training and many other disciplines.

This sounds like mumbo jumbo, but has been proven several times. In
fact the famous, "stallion of the century", RAMZES, was the result of
a TB sire and Shagya dam. He began the "R" line prominent in dressage and Grand Prix jumping family lines.

The breed, in order to thrive in the U.S, needs more numbers as those who have contact with the Shagya will all confirm that "Yes, this breed is really different!" and is very much worthy of surviving and recognized for what it can contribute to the horse world.

The Shagya blood is welcomed in all of the warmblood registries and in Europe is highly prized. Many Shagya stallions can be found in the warmblood stud books and is one of the recognized breeds used in Trakehner breeding. They can add refinement without loss of bone and substance and superior horses in the first generation. They are not supposed to resemble purebred Arabians, although nothing, but Arabian, is allowed in the stud book. Instead the old horse masters selected for superior riding qualities and temperament.

The ASAV 2009 annual meeting is scheduled for May 1-2-3 in Bend, Or. The emphasis will be on endurance.


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