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RE: [RC] Snakes - Rosalie Marley

I think in California you have Mojave Rattlers?

Here in SW Nebraska we have Prairie Rattlers, they are a bit smaller and seem 
to be more aggressive than the ones you know.  I lost a 17 month old colt to 
one, despite vet care (it can take awhile for a vet to arrive out here).  Most 
of my neighbors with horses have lost at least one to snake bite, and several 
have lost a number of cattle to rattlers.  I think that it was mostly 
curiosity, since most of the bites were on the nose.

A year and a half ago, there were several people in my general area who got 
serious bites on their way to the mail box or trash barrel, they won helicopter 
rides to whatever hospital still had antivenin.  My husband regularly 
encounters rattlers on his walks around the property or along the road.  While 
some will rattle at his approach, many rattle several strides after he has 
passed them.  He wears "Turtleskin Snake Armor" gaiters and carries a pistol 
loaded with birdshot. The local rumor is that people are shooting and thereby 
selecting against the ones that warn.

Rosalie Marley
I have the ability of single-minded determination and focu... Hey, look! A 

-----Original Message-----
From: katswig@xxxxxxx

Esther said:

In all that time, I've seen 3 (maybe 4) rattlesnakes.
None of them were aggressive; maybe they had just
 eaten or were just plain lazy, but I'm sure glad they
 decided to be passive on those particular days.

Not particularly surprising, rattlesnakes are very timid snakes, and
almost always will sound off a warning before striking.

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[RC] Snakes, k s swigart