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[RC] Log book -- What do you record? - k s swigart

Diane said:

I know the mileage of each conditioning loop
?and by recording the time taken as well as any
?info that might detract from that time (weather,
?stopping to chat, etc), I am able to better assess
?my horse's progress. We may miss that our horse
?consistently takes 5 seconds more to reach criteria
?at the top of a certain hill (or 5 seconds less!)
Actually, I am a little puzzled by an assortment of things in this statement, 
the first being "consistently takes 5 seconds more," consistently more than 
when/or what?? (because it seems to me that if the amount of time it is taking 
is consistent, then it cannot also be more than something, unless it is more 
than some other horse or at some other time (like last year?).

Additionally, I cannot imagine being able to?measure the amount of time it 
takes to reach criteria down to the second, or even to 5 seconds. Or being able 
to measure the arrival at the "top of a certain hill" down to the second, or 
even to 5 seconds. Or being able to ensure that everything I did before getting 
to the bottom of the hill, or what I did coming up the hill could be controlled 
sufficiently that 5 seconds would make a hill of beans of difference even if I 
were able to accurately measure it, which I am damned sure I couldn't.
It seems to me that even attempting to make recordings this precise gives the 
appearance of an exactness that simply cannot actually exist in the field.??To 
then use these recordings to make decisions....????
?but by recording that information, we can see these
?patterns and avoid either over conditioning or the
?more obvious problems associated with thinking our
?horse is ready to tackle a ride we have planned when
?he isn't.
Or you can just do like me and run the horse up a test hill and see if its 
What I have done in the process if getting a horse ready is irrelevant as to 
whether it is ready or not.
Orange County, Calif.

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