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Re: [RC] Log book -- What do you record? - marybenstover

I do not record any data on conditioning rides.  I am more minimalist.  I don't carry that much on the rides themselves......hoof pick, two water bottles, buck knife, string or twine and an easy boot.  That's it, except for drugs (mine, not the horse's).    I don't pay a whole lot of attention to what is written on the rider card because one vet's A could be another vet's C and so on.  I do pay attention to my horse though.  Other records are easy because now that my vets are computerized, I just keep everything in a binder.  I can find out in a second who needs what shots, etc.  I also just keep track of worming schedule on my regular calendar and/or Blackberry.........mb


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Because private replies to my question about "log book adoption" were so helpful, I'm posting a follow-up in hopes of generating further suggestions from which others will benefit.  Posting public replies would be most helpful.  Thank you!
What data do you record on "conditioning" rides? 
How do you maintain your spreadsheet?  
How do you use the data you record?
What other sorts of records do you maintain for your horse?
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