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FW: [RC] saddlebag (not) - Mike Sherrell

On the driver's seat I leave a sheet of paper with my home and cell phone #s large enough to read through the window of the locked door, partly because I park along roads a lot, and some authority might be tempted to tow the rig away as abandoned or something.
Mike Sherrell
Grizzly Analytical (USA)
707 887 2919; fax = 707 887 9834

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Subject: RE: [RC] saddlebag (not)

 I used a plastic luggage tag holder. It has a ziplock so it keeps the water out plus it has a hole so you can put it onto a lanyard if you want. I also purchased a www.roadid.com tag one for me. I'll be buying one soon to braid into my horses mane with her vet contact info.

All great ideas. I was wondering about the shower cap myself for a while there. I have a poncho in a small packet that I hope I can use for both water carrying and in case of a rain shower.


On Mon, Jan 12, 2009 at  1:29 PM, rnbianchi wrote:

I love all of the suggestions.  I, too, have started a list to help me prepare for the next ride season.  I have one thing to add and that is to suggest everyone carry some kind of ID (preferably on them and not on the horse).  I wear an ID required for all Event riders that has name, address and health alerts like Hypoglycemia  and glasses/contact lenses so that if someone should happen upon my unconscious body they'll have an idea of what to look for and what not to do to me.  It is a plastic sleeve with a paper form inside that can be changed if my info should change.  Just a thought.
Becky Bianchi