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Re: [RC] Hay feeding solutions - Karen Everhart

http://paddockparadise.wetpaint.com/page/Barbara's+hay+feeders  this is my favorite design for those with a small number of horses or stalled horses.
This is available through retail channels:
For those who feed from hay bags, there is a GREAT tool called the Busy Bags:
All of these are designed FIRST to slow down the consumption and try to mimic the natural grazing activity of the horse.  Secondarily, they seem to do a great job of reducing and even eliminating waste.  Of course, the weeds and other garbage will still remain on the ground and if your horse is picky, it can still pull out the hay and drop it on the ground as it waits for more suitable fare.
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Sent: Monday, January 12, 2009 11:31 AM
Subject: [RC] Hay feeding solutions

Since hay has become about as expensive as gold, I am looking for ways to waste less of it. 
Specifically, since lecturing has done no good, how do I get my horses to stop throwing all the hay out of the feeder and tromping it into the mud??? 
I'm feeding a bale each into two 6' round galvanized tanks, spaced well apart.  Since I don't live on my property, I only feed once a day and need to make sure that they have enough to free feed for 24 or more hours.  I was thinking about some kind of a net over the top, but I have one horse who will climb into the feeder so can't take the chance of her getting tangled.  I know a wooden top with holes in it is an idea, but am afraid of how heavy and awkward it would be to fit onto that big of a feeder.
Please, does anyone have any great ideas?

[RC] Hay feeding solutions, melanie . o