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RE: [RC] what's in your saddle bags? - RHONDA LEVINSON

Oh, oh, and sanitary napkins.  I forgot to list the sanitary napkins.  GREAT bandages!  Come sealed in their own little sanitary wrapping also and they provide padding for the wound. 
I wrapped the neighbors' horse who had severely injured herself while the neighbors were gone.  Used my handy dandy sanitary napkin bandage trick.  The neighbors are elderly and the guy is a former rodeo guy and SUPER macho.  He made it home to meet the vet I had already called for them.  The vet told me later that when he unwrapped the leg and the two of them saw the sanitary napkin, the neighbor turned five shades of red, and immediately started explaining that HE did not wrap that leg. 



Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2009 07:13:14 -0800
From: msmieske@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [RC] what's in your saddle bags?
To: rhndlev@xxxxxxx; 6mules@xxxxxxxxx; ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Zip ties.  Always gotta have zip ties.  :)
Maggie Mieske
English Department/Foundation Program
Qatar University
P.O. Box 2713
Doha, Qatar

"Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forward." - - Kierkegaard

From: RHONDA LEVINSON <rhndlev@xxxxxxx>
To: 6mules@xxxxxxxxx; ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Monday, January 12, 2009 5:57:40 PM
Subject: RE: [RC] what's in your saddle bags?

My local Wal-mart has travel size packets of duct tape.  I also have a small roll of electrical tape in there.  I also have an extra lead rope (really light). 
On my pommel I attach several dog collars.  You can clip stuff to them and I have used them on several occasions for tack repair (my own and others).



Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2009 21:17:39 -0700
From: 6mules@xxxxxxxxx
To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [RC] what's in your saddle bags?

Since things are kind of slow here, I wonder what ya'll find you just can't live without while riding.
Me, well, I was never a boyscout, but I should've been. I tend to carry everything, including a 'kitchen sink'. 
Here's my list:  mini 1st aid kit--the band aids are used most
                       chap stick
                       bandana--use as a bandage, blow nose, use as a sponge if the real one falls off or didn't get put on.....
                       old dish towel--same uses as the bandana, but I've also used one folded up & vetrapped on to replace a lost shoe.
                                             The horse was lame after losing the shoe & too much hoof, but was comfortable enough to ride out
                                              of the backcounrty with his 'slipper' on.
                       super glue (the little single use 4 pack)
                       zip ties--for fixing tack
                       swiss army knife
                       hoof pick
                       collapsible water dish
                       one of those little emergency blankets
That's all I can remember without going down to the tack area & checking. Sounds like a lot, but it actually packs well.

RE: [RC] what's in your saddle bags?, RHONDA LEVINSON
Re: [RC] what's in your saddle bags?, Maggie Mieske