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[RC] A Question for A Vet - carolyn

I'm hoping that maybe Sue or Heidi or anyone else who is a vet can help me with an issue that I just discovered with one of my horses.  I think this can wait until Monday to take him to the vet as the damage has been done and I did what the vet would do.  This is my 7 y.o. Arab endurance prospect.  My farrier dumped me and I am doing my own hoof trimming.  I have 5 horse, I've done trimming on 3, still had two to get two.  This ones feet were long, but I was more concerned with one of the clubby front feet that his rears, which looked OK but long last week.  I noticed he was a little off last night, but couldn't see anything when we put them in the upper pasture for the evening.  He was dead lame on the left rear tonight.  I saw that his left rear heels were really long, the inside heel was about 1/2" longer than the surrounding hoof, the outside heel was an 1" longer.  As a result, the hoof split vertically all the way to the coronary band and that section of hoof separated and tore off.  So the laminae and everything is exposed on that hoof a section about 1 1/2" all the way from the ground to the coronary band.  I hope I've given the correct picture of what happened.

Please don't send me emails telling me what an awful, neglectful horseowner I am.  Nobody can know how awful I feel about this.    I cleaned the entire hoof and pastern area with Betadine, rinsed it thoroughly, dryed it off, put furazone on it, gauze over the furzone, vetwrap from the pastern down over the entire hoof and duct taped the entire hoof, making like an Easyboot.  After all of that, here is my question.  Do I need to track down a vet tomorrow, or can this wait until Monday when they have office hours?  Did I just do what the vet will tell me I need to do, or is there something that needs to be done immediately.  I know he needs a tetanus shot and antibiotics too.  Thanks,

Carolyn Burgess
Newton, TX
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