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[RC] A Little Experimentation Pays Off - k s swigart

Elizabeth Walker said:

Yours is the first post where someone reported problems
?with the gaiters, 

Actually, lots of people have reported problems with the gaiters and have 
reported the assorted things that they have done to mitigate those problems 
(the most common being to wrap the pastern with vet wrap).? If you go to the 
EasyBoot blog about the ongoing development process of EasyBoots, you will see 
that there is quite a bit of discussion about the assorted things that some 
people are doing in an attempt reduce their problems with the gaiters.

As an example (from: 

"Only one slight concern is a screw in the back of the boot holding the gaiter 
on...my low-heeled mare showed potential to rub her bulbs on it, but already 
talked to G about it and that will be addressed. Of course I still have a 
gaiter-challenged horse (gets those dime rubs on the pasterns), But G is making 
new gaiters from a whole new material that I am eager to test...
Until that time, I also got to test a set of Todd's pastern "socks"...I LOVE 
them...no sand got in them, no rubbing from them, AND it STOPPED the gaiter 
rubbing! 155miles and not a hair lifted..I LOVE these... A bit of a learning 
curve to get them on (so they'll fit nice and tight), but once I figured out a 
good way, it was 2 socks and 4 boots on in less than 5 minutes in the 
morning...LOVE it... "

More discussions of this can be found at: 

If I remember correctly, some people have abandoned EasyBoots and switched to 
Renegades for the very reason of their horse having a problem with the gaiters 
(but I would have to search the archives to be sure--and I cannot be bothered 
to do so).? Those people can do their own reporting.

However, from everything that I have ever read (and from my own experiences 
with them), "problems with the gaiters" is one of the biggest problems with all 
the new EasyBoot designs, and EasyCare is constantly evaluating and improving 
the design as a result.

Don't get me wrong; I have a box full of EasyBoots of most of the models in my 
tack room and have found many good applications for them, and have been using 
them with varying degrees of success for coming up on two decades now.? It is 
not my intent to speak disparagingly of either the products or the company.? 
And I will recommend them to many people for many different applications as 
well.? But "problems with the gaiters" is something that has been encountered 
by many people since the gaiters first came out.? It doesn't mean that they are 
a bad idea (they are a vast improvement over the original EasyBoot for keeping 
them on bare feet), just that they are not a solution without their own 

Orange County, Calif.

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