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[RC] beet pulp slurries! - Marlene Moss

I would like to get some feedback on what people feed in their beet pulp slurries and how much they feed.


My mare loves sloppy beetpulp and I have been giving her plenty, along with Strategy and Eq Sr.  She lives on pasture and isn’t real thrilled with the whole hay thing at rides.  So I give her lots and lots of slop and she likes it really wet.  So then she doesn’t drink – 2 days at Shamrock and she didn’t drink more than 1 inch out of her bucket, but she got lots of water in the slurry and she drank minimally well on the trail.  Her hydration was never less than A-.  But she also isn’t eating a lot of hay.  She ate some and also some alfalfa.  On the trail she ate slowly, but consistently when offered.  At camp, there was a vast field of gorgeous grass and when we’d take her for walks, she only at the seed heads, not the bulkier blades.  So she really wasn’t getting the volume I thought she needed.


We ended the ride with C gut sounds, although they came back fast and she didn’t at all look like she’d done 2 30’s.


The stallion ate a little of his beet pulp slurry, but rarely all of it.  He ate lots of hay and scarfed down all the water and grass he could on the trail.  Part of that is his nature, but am I messing up my mare’s natural hunger and thirst by making so much sloppy beet pulp available to her?  And maybe I’m putting too much grain in it, making her feel fuller than she should be?  I never had a horse that loved the mash so much, I pretty much want to give a horse all they’ll eat, but maybe I need to moderate for her?


Thanks for any advice! 



Marlene Moss

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