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Re: [RC] Hot, humid riding - Sisu West Ranch - oddfarm

Ooooh, I so agree with Ed. I would love to see the horses visit the vet later, rather than sooner. If the horse is in great shape within 30 minutes, he or she will be in great shape within an hour. If the horse is a little "off" or not eating or drinking well within 30 minutes, they may still pass the vet check at first, but may be seeing the vet in the next few hours anyway to be treated. No matter the climate.
It is a tad different here in the south as far as the humidity goes. By the way, Truman said, "Areas such as the SE, MW and CT regions enjoy high eat and humidity during much of the riding season." WHO enjoys that???  We endure it, but I don't think we enjoy it. :) You are a crazy son of gun!!
Ideally, I would like to see horses get a HR within 30 minutes, but not get a complete check for an hour or whatever the time is at the hold. I would rather see the vet on the way out, rather than when I first come in. How many of you get "C" on gut sounds? How long does it take for your horse to come down and start eating and drinking? Some horses can eat immediately, but I think more need some time to come down and relax. Then, if they go to the vet before they leave, the gut sounds will be more telling. If they have eaten, and don't have any, there is a problem. If they see the vet before going out and the HR is still above 64 and they have not cooled naturally, there is a problem. That, to me makes sense.  
My OPINION is that the vet committee is a little behind on when to see the horses. I know it wouldn't be convenient to see the horses on the way out, but it might be more telling. According to the WOTH committee, most horse fatalities fall under "colic" or non specific belly pain. If those horses were checked before they went out, maybe, that could have been detected. I agree with Ed that maybe some problems are masked from adrenalin.
I am NOT saying the vets are wrong, do a poor job or anything negative. I am saying that if the WOTH reports are accurate, or close to, then as we all know, colic and symptoms associated with it are a mystery and maybe giving the horses a little time to show us what is wrong, will prevent us from losing them.
It IS too freaking hot to ride! I just drove through Virginia, Front Royal and down to where the Virginia Highlands ride will be. OMG, is it GEORGIOU'S!!!! I would suffer the short winters there, to avoid the long suffering summers here in central Florida. It was 60 degrees in Arlington, Va Friday morning. I saw people running and biking and they didn't look like they were at death's door. It was 80+ here in Tampaybay with almost 100% humidity. Our summer weather is from March to December. IF we are lucky.
August in Florida??? Hell no, I am heading to the Highland ride!!!!
Lisa Salas, The odd farm