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Re: [RC] And herein lies the real source of complaint (was: Christophin Mongolia) - Diane Trefethen - rides2far@xxxxxxxx

I don't think only "world class riders", (what does that even mean?) 
should participate, but registering those with REAL distance riding 
experience wouldn't be asking too much. I'll >>>bet the ponies would agree.

If I was a pony I'd vote for the person who would be too sore to get on my 
narrow little back after 400 miles, not the person who could ride forever. :-)) 
Just another way of looking at it. I'd love to see some video of anybody after 
a week of this. I don't care who you are; it's gonna hurt. I'm guessing the 
only risk will be to the first few ponies. After that the riders will be too 
tired & sore to overdo it. I'll bet a lot of competitors take up long distance 


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Well Diane, I'm sure your post will keep those "who don't really know crap about how this race will be run" from voicing their opinions. That IS what everyone is sharing. Opinions. I don't know anything about robbing a bank but I am pretty sure it is dangerous. At least that is my opinion. I guess a successful bank robber might beg to differ.
I know of an extreme race run in the dessert for maybe a week long with no trail markings and very little support along the way. It's a foot race. More like a crawl in the end. It only involves people. You may have seen it on Nat Geo. The only lives in danger are the participants themselves. I say more power to 'em.
The organizers may be successful in extreme sports involving only people, but now they have added another living creature into the equation. Those who have signed on may have riding experience, but this isn't dressage or jumping or even a pleasure ride.
I am not sure how you can assume that all of the participants will be prepared. That would make too much sense and a large population of horse people don't have any sense. That's just my opinion.
If I had a penny, yes a penny for every time I heard "My horse could do endurance" from an "experienced" horse person, I could pay off our national debt! Not only do they KNOW their horse could do it, they KNOW they could win. Never mind that they ride a cow hocked, swaybacked Saddlebred because they couldn't tell good confirmation on horse if it were shoved up their nose. Never mind the fact that they feed 20 pounds of sweetfeed a day and one flake of hay because they don't have a clue about nutrition. Never mind the fact that they couldn't tell a keg shoe from a rim shoe. Oh, but they ride, they show and they have trainers so they are experienced!
I agree with Kim, (truly a voice of reason, IMO :) that the promoters have an obligation to take into consideration the fact that these people are not driving cars, but riding horses. That obligation should absolutely include some type of screening process to determine what experience these horse people might have that directly relates to the challenge. Showing doesn't count, IMO. Pleasure riding doesn't count, IMO. Accepting applications only from those who are active participants in a distance riding organization with a reputable record would certainly be a great place to start. IMO.
You really can't compare this event with any AERC sanctioned events. AERC has the experience, the history and access to experts in the field of distance riding. The organization putting this event on has ZERO. How do they know the difference between a true horseman and someone who is full of crap? Lots of horse people are full of crap! Even the professional ones!!
I am not sure how factual your comment is that most of the LD riders in AERC are not as experienced as the endurance riders are. However I would certainly believe that starting at A and ending at X, or 3 loops around an arena
could NEVER equal the experience to ride even a weenie 25 mile ride:) Let alone every day for one or more weeks. I don't think only "world class riders", (what does that even mean?) should participate, but registering those with REAL distance riding experience wouldn't be asking too much. I'll bet the ponies would agree.
Lisa Salas, the Odd faRm

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