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Re: [RC] cougars and wildlife - Barbara McCrary

One of my great pleasures was to be scolded by an Osprey who was guarding her nest.  It was located at the tippy-top of an old redwood snag, probably 100' or more high, and made of sticks, so it looked like a little hat perched up there.  Mama osprey was cussing me up one side and down the other for invading her territory, although I've been riding that trail forever, and I certainly wasn't going to climb up a redwood snag to disturb her family.  It was pure joy to see such a rare creature in our area.  Only a few local riders know about her, and they are all family members who wouldn't dream of shooting her. 
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From: oddfarm
Sent: Thursday, June 18, 2009 7:12 AM
Subject: [RC] cougars and wildlife

I've learned never tell anyone what fabulous wildlife you see except those who you know enjoy seeing it (alive) as well. Someone working in the land management area once told me that they know there are panthers/cougars/mtn. lions in them there woods but when people report it they play it off.
Why? Because if the word gets out, then there is always somebody who is going to shoot it. They shoot the otters, beavers, eagles and whatever else they can. Why? Because they are idiots.
Half of the enjoyment of riding for hours at a time, other than just being with your horse and friends is discovering nature at its best. Birds of prey hunting, turtles laying eggs, otters playing in a pond and the occasional sighting of a big, beautiful cat. So let's keep it to ourselves :)
Lisa Salas, The Oddf aRm

[RC] cougars and wildlife, oddfarm