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[RC] A biting horse needs a "smack down" Immediately! - Melissa Margetts

Julie, I agree with both Barbara and Ed. Of course we all know that the the reason for not repeatedly hitting a horse in the face is to avoid creating a "head shy" animal. I don't think that means NEVER hit a horse in the face, especially a already broke and "trained" horse. I am of the thought that the quicker you are able to create a link between the "behavior" and the "punishment", the more success you have in ending the behavior. I don't believe horses have the IQ of a soapdish and I think that they know damn well when they will be creating pain in another being and it is sometimes it is well thought out and intentional. With the idea in mind that this animal is sensitive enough to feel a tiny fly land on their skin, that means that you have to be aggressive enough to draw blood or cause serious pain in order for your retaliation to be effective. I feel that it's more important that your reaction is IMMEDIATE, stern and "like-minded". "Bite me, and I'll create a move that feels like I just "bit" to you back!" Barbaras wicked "pinch" for example, or taking a bit of the upper lip and quickly twisting it like a twitch. An immediate slap to the nose is not out of hand or cruel when done for the right reason at the right time without going overboard or stepping over the line to cruelty or doing it over and over. One slap for one bite. An "eye for an eye" so to speak. I think this should always be accompanied by a firm verbal reprimand as well. When a horse bites it DESERVES to be reprimanded for the inappropriate behavior, especially this horse who you say has already bitten several people and is even sneaky about it as she does it when their backs are turned. She knows damn well what she's doing and is just giving a horse snicker under her breath after words. I say give her the good ol' "smack down" next time she does it Julie. But that's just my 2 cents.
Melissa Margetts


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