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Re: [RC] Any OD 100/50 Info? - steelsidedown

I did take my laptop, but there was simply no time for typing!!!  :-)  Cell 
service up there is really sketchy.  Will try to get all details correct, bear 
with my sleep deprived self!  :-)

A long story, but I found myself without a mount this year, so I volunteered as 
an ambulance driver.  I had a fabulous time!!  

We pulled into camp to find a HUGE upgrade, Gus Politis put in a hearty new 
gravel roadway!  No more mud bogging for us!   We voted at this morning's 
awards to name it "Politis Blvd".  We cannot applaud him enough for taking on 
and completing this huge undertaking in time for this year's ride.

Joe & Nancy did an excellent job keeping all things running smoothly - as they 
always do.  >wild applause<  

This year's raffle horse spent the weekend at the ride, she's one tough  
looking filly!  

Friday afternoon nearly went off without mishap.  We did fill the camping 
field, but that was easily remedied by using a bit more field next door.  After 
dinner, a group of three horses spooked out of their electric corral, and had a 
close encounter with the barbed wire perimeter fence.  :-O  I believe it was 
Joe Selden, that remarked something to the effect of; only endurance riders 
would stop, drop everything, and run to protect and catch competitors horse, 
the horse that may well take the win from you tomorrow.  He's right, and we 
should all be proud we have created and maintained the environment to compete 
in.  (BTW, The horse that hit the wire was scratched, but fine, and finished 
the 100.)

Saturday morning was cool for June in VA, and the horses thrived.  The heat of 
the day peaked only at 80', moderate humidity.

We heard rave reviews on the trail markings, and I must say Gus had even put 
turn ribbons on the paved roads for us driving to the vet checks -- now that is 
really spoiling us!

One rider went missing for several hours.  Management was quick to assess the 
situation and call the local authorities for help.  It seems that 3 members of 
the Search and Rescue Team were OD drag riders!  Yeah, like, wow!  Those 
members were Zowie, John Marsh, and John Proudman.  In a short time, said rider 
was located after she made her way to a vet check, unharmed, as was her horse.  
insert chorus of hallelujah<

Only one horse out of the near 150 that started needed treatment!  Everyone did 
a fabulous job, wellllll except Dr. Lynn, ya'll didn't give her any work to do! 
(just kiddin!)

Mary posted the ride results, so I won't bore you with that again, but I do 
have some other notes from the awards ceremony.

First, and most important, our "MC" Jack Weber seems to be lobbying for a new 
OD law.... no filibusters allowed!  >evil grin<  Lost/loose dogs shall be held 
for ransom, a new fundraising technique!  However lost/loose children will be 
given two mountain dews, 3 candy bars, a new puppy, and promptly returned!  :-O 
So ya'll keep a watch on all creatures shorter than you next year!  (err... 
that doesn't exactly apply to you Angie!  >g<)

Pete Fields received the OD Hall of Fame Award for his too numerous to list 
contributions over 30+ years.  He received a well deserved standing ovation.

The first to finish in the 55, finished in 5 hours 12 mins, the last in 10 
hours 30 mins.  (no where near overtime!)  69 started, 56 finished.  Rookie 
horse & rider award went to Jennifer Stevenson.  1st place team was the "Four 
Non Blondes" consisting of Andy & Hunter Green, Meg Sleeper, Dave Augustine, 
and Jennifer Alexander (?).  2nd place team "Blonde Bombshells" consisting of 
Kathy Brunjes, Kara Thomas, Sara F, and Daryl Downs (honorary blonde).  3rd 
place team "2 Hokies Who Wanna ..."  Ashley Kermerer and Dana Reeder.

The first to finish in the 100, finished in 12 hours and 17 mins, I didn't 
catch the time on the turtle.  33 started, 24 finished.  Claire Godwin and 
"Amose" finished first and received the perpetual Ray Price memorial portrait, 
Ruth Ann Everett finished second and BC, Kim Orr's flashy chestnut received the 
high vet score,  Kathy Shank and Wind Dancer Bey received the OD Trophy and 
Calvary award, turtle was Tom Polinzi (sp?), the P.B. award (ask Mary Coleman) 
went to Dawn Engle.  1st place team "The Boston Red Sox" consisting of Tom 
Hutchinson, Kim Orr, Sandra Conner, and Claire Godwin.  2nd place team "No 
Names" consisting of Kyle Gibbon, Steve Rojek, Kathy Shank, and Chris 
Littlefield.  3rd place team "3 girls and a Newman" consisting of Dr.Genie 
Waldron, Mckenzie, Lynn Gilbert, and Stagg Newman.

I'm sorry, I don't mean to slight the 25 milers, I was out following the 100s 
and truly missed their day.  :-(  I did hear there were only 3 pulls!  43 
started, 40 finished.

Many lovely and very useful awards, huge thanks are due to all the generous 

See ya next year!


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