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Re: [RC] CA State Parks; what I found out - Truman Prevatt

Title: “I maintain there is much more wonder in science than in pseudoscience
Barbara McCrary wrote:
I attended a meeting today at which we were discussing the salaries paid to members of various agencies.  To be fair, I believe they were County agencies, but our county says it's broke, too.  Some of the salaries were from $150,000 to $180,000.  Considering that some of these agencies have jobs that seem to work at making life difficult for business owners, I would think some of those salaries could be reduced a little and the money applied to running parks, police, education, health care, et al.  Furthermore, there have been studies of the retirement packages some public employees now receive...something like 90% of the highest salary within their period of duty and the retirement age is comparatively young, as opposed to business owners, farmers and others self-employed.

Most of the time salaries in both Government and industry are determined by supply and demand. In the federal government salaries are actually lower than the than what the person can get outside which is why Governments normally have better benefits than the private sector. I don't know about CA but I expect it is similar. The reason a county board of education has to pay so much for a commissioner is because other counties and cities are willing to pay that much or more.

The bottom line in this country the most underpaid person is our men and women in uniform. True they can retire after 20 years but they earn it. They earn a lot more they are not compensated for.

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Subject: [RC] CA State Parks; what I found out

Management accounting is REALLLLLLLY hard if you have a complicated "business" structure like and entire state's economy with all its interrelated elements. There may be some substantial "unintended consequences" associated with closing the parks. Politicians are really good at missing those.

The state would do better to try to figure out ways to cut the expenses of operating the parks without closing them...or to charge more for people to use them, so they become bigger revenue generators.

Orange County, Calif.


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“I maintain there is much more wonder in science than in pseudoscience. And in addition, to whatever measure this term has any meaning, science has the additional virtue, and it is not an inconsiderable one, of being true.” Carl Sagan

[RC] CA State Parks; what I found out, k s swigart
Re: [RC] CA State Parks; what I found out, Barbara McCrary