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Re: [RC] State Parks - Angie Fura

Please, please discontinue this discussion or I'm not going to be able to resist challenging the notion that the same opportunities are available to everyone.  And I could spend all day discussing the failures of trickle-down economics :)
Is there a Yahoo group for AERC members to discuss non horse related topics? 

Angie Fura


From: Bruce Weary DC <bweary@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: Ridecamp <ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Monday, June 8, 2009 11:22:13 AM
Subject: [RC] State Parks

" The richest 5% own 59% of the wealth in the US."

This may be true, Mike, but it will likely always be that way to some degree. Wealth is not "distributed," it is earned  either through effort, ingenuity, leveraged risk taking or a combination of all three. It will never be evenly spread, like frosting on a cake, or sno-cones after a Little League game, where everybody gets theirs in equal quantity. And, the most wealthy among us usually provide employment opportunites (and retirement programs, and health insurance, Medicare and Social Security benefits, etc.,) to millions of other people along the way. So in that sense, the wealth is "shared" as opposed to hoarded without benefit to anyone other than the wealthy. The figures quoted above always seem to suggest a "taint" in implying that wealth is usually acquired in questionable, usury or unfair ways, and that if we could just spread it around a little, life would be more fair.  A free enterprise system, by definition, cannot work that way. And it is that very system that gives us the quality of life that no other country in the world enjoys, especially those who have tried to create a system of communal access to a country's assets.  The good thing is that the same opportunities the wealthy have taken advantage of are available to all of us, if we are willing to apply the exact same effort, ingenuity and/or leveraged risk.  If we aren't, we will understandably bring less fruitfulness into our lives. There will always be those who earn more. The answer isn't to bleed one bank account into another until they are equal, though that is done to some degree with the tax system.  Bruce Weary ( who knows this discussion should be taking place elsewhere)


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[RC] State Parks, Bruce Weary DC