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[RC] New horse alert. :-)) - rides2far@xxxxxxxx

OK, so I've got another new project. I have not become a professional rescuer, 
it's just the kind of horses I like seem to be the type others don't value 
enough to take care of. :-/

I really had planned to look at some "retail" horses this time, something maybe 
with some training. 7 is a sweety, and I haven't given up on him at all, but he 
just doesn't seem like "me" a lot of the time. Kind of like wearing nice 
clothes that belong to someone else and aren't your style. Anyway, I was still 
kinda looking for a "me" horse and people kept sending me ads with this horse 
in it. I think what it was was my friends would go look at this horse for 
themselves, then see he wasn't "15 hands" like they said...actually a tad over 
14.1 and they'd say, "This would be a good horse for Angie!" You really don't 
have to compete with a lot of 6' tall people for these little guys. :-)

After the 2nd person forwarded all the same photos to me and insisted this was 
the horse for me I  had tried to contact the woman but she'd disappeared. Fast 
forward 6 months and last week *another* endurance rider forwarded an ad to me 
for a horse all the way down near Macon and when I opened it there he was 
again! This woman had bought him in Feb, then 2 months later got pregnant and 
needed to sell him. Since I'd already made up  my mind I had to meet him and 
had TONS of photos from every angle that my friends had taken,I just hooked up 
the trailer and headed down there. What a shock. Apparently the horse hadn't 
had a square meal since Feb. when this person bought him. It was so sad. If I 
hadn't memorized his markings I'd have been sure it was a different horse. How 
much can a chest shrink?  So he HAD to come home with me. Rain rot, ribby and 

Josie took one look at him and said, "His head looks like Kaboot!" I hadn't 
noticed since it looked HUGE on his skinny body but without the frizzy bangs 
and skinny neck I could see her point. Then he and Kaboot took off trotting up 
the hill and Josie and I both said at the same time "HE'S BASE WIDE!" (Kaboot's 
claim to fame)

I posted before and after photos. Unfortunately, the "before" photos are the 
GOOD ones...but at least you can see why I was interested. Makes you mad to 
look at them though. He was part of an estate that was dispersed when the 
owners died. He's been handled a lot, loads well, everything. Sad to think he 
had a great situation 4 1/2 years then spent the winter hungry and wondering 
why. Photos at:



Pedigree: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/fadjurs+talisman

Angie McGhee

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