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RE: [RC] lyme disease - Bob Morris

“Chicken poxes”  Returns as shingles as you age!!!



Bob Morris

Boise, Idaho


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Thursday, June 04, 2009 7:31 PM
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Subject: [RC] lyme disease


I have a horse receiving iv meds for lymes disease.  They will be completed on June 22.  I would like to hear from other riders and vets about how long after the treatment can

you start working your horse again.  Can they completely recover?  What would help them to recover? 


Also is Lymes a one time disease?  My vet says no but  there is a Lyme vaccine for dogs.  Do not the virus and diseases that have vaccines to prevent the disease offer it's own protection if you come down with the disease?  Chicken poxes, measles, DTP and certain flu for example.  Sorry but I have scanned the web and the medical library and really can't find any concrete info.  I need your personal knownledge.  Thanks, Pat


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[RC] lyme disease, PatOlivatigger