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[RC] Opinions wanted - Laurie Hilyard

About six days ago, I saw my 8 year old Morab mare lying down.  No big deal, but then later in the day I saw her down again.  Up on her chest, ears up, looking around.  Occasionally laid flat out, but she was not trying to roll or biting her flank.  Concerned, I went out, and she stood up, stretched a little, and walked off slowly, eating as she went.  Altogether that day, she was down about 5 hours of the 12 I was observing her.  Since then, she has been down less each day, but is still not quite right.  It's almost like someone added 15 years to her age overnight. 
Her pulse today was 48 right after I haltered her.  Since she's a total pasture potato, I think that is normal.  No fever.  No labored breathing or nasal drainage.  Appetite has not suffered at all.  She is on 7.5 acres of improved grass/clover/touch of alfalfa pasture that she shares with one other horse, and they have both packed on 100 pounds since the grass came in well 5 weeks ago.  They get about one cup of oats and a cup of cracked corn once a day, so they like humans and I can look them over well.  Water is free choice from an automatic waterer and they have a mineral salt block in the barn.  Attitude remains good - she's still interested in her environment and doesn't have that preoccupied look that sick horses get when they tune out the stuff around them.  Today I walked her to the back of the pasture (she was sound) 1/4 of a mile, then turned her loose and encouraged her to hurry back to the barn.  The other mare galloped off, the Morab went at a trot, head and ears up, tail flagging, but not her normal "I'm feeling good" run.  I yelled at her to run, and she cantered for about 200 yards, then pulled up and walked/jogged to the barn while the other mare galloped all the way.  Speaking of which, the Morab is boss, but the second mare has not been yielding to her as much since this started.  The morab still eats first, though. 
I lunged her at a trot in some 10 meter circles both ways - no obvious lameness.  Did some half-baked neuro checks (pushed on her hindquarters - pulled on her tail, pushed on her shoulder, backed her up) and her responses seemed normal, although you could make a case that she wasn't as willing to back up as normal.  Same thing with lifting her feet - she's just a shade off normal.  She lifts them, but doesn't hold them up as long as normal and is just a little reluctant in the initial lift.
The neighbors over the wire fence just got a new horse in their herd of six, but he has no symptoms of flu or any other illness.  My mare is up to date on EWT and is a year out on her WNV.  We do have lots of opossums in the area, and I lost a horse to EPM 15 years ago, but again, I'm not seeing the same neuro symptoms he did. 
My thoughts have been:
Colic - no rolling, no indication of pain, no change in diet or exercise, bowels are moving well.  Horse has history of only one mild episode when she was a two year old.  They have been known to chew on the wood in the barn - maybe a splinter? - but again, no sign of belly pain or infection.
Laminitis - no lameness, just a little reluctance to step out like normal.  Alternatively rests both hind legs, not rocking back to take weight off front feet.  She was scratching her neck on a pole the other day and leaning forward.
EPM - maybe, but it would have to be a very mild case, and it's improving, not worsening.
Deep muscle strains/sprains - it is a 7 acre pasture, and in walking across it, I have found a few animal holes.  Maybe she had a bad fall and is a little achy?  Does that happen to horses?  There are no hot spots on her legs or anywhere else, for that matter, and she is as good for grooming as ever.
Lameness issues - she does have a horizontal crack in her left hind, about 1/2 inch down from the coronet on the outside rear of the hoof.  I don't remember it, but I also don't inspect feet daily.  It hasn't worsened since this started.
Anyone have any opinions?  Anything like this ever happen to you?  Since her symptoms are so vague - really more of a change in personality than anything I can point to as a true symptom, I have been reluctant to call the vet.  Plus the fact it seems to be slowly improving.  I would appreciate anything anyone could tell me.  Thanks
Laurie Hilyard