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Re: [RC] closing of CA state parks - Truman Prevatt - Kitley, Carrie E Civ USAF AFSPC 30 MDSS/SGSLF

I don't know about FL, but the current financial state of CA cannot be
in any way related to falling property taxes as those of us who bought
prior to the real estate "crash" are still paying prop taxes based on
the original sale price which was FAR above what the current values
reflect.  Our property taxes are not reassessed according to current
property values.  The majority of us are upside down here!  
What CA govt needs to do is put an end to the handouts for illegals.  
And this entire country needs to put the kibosh on foreign aid. . . . .
We're broke!

That is the crux of the problem. Not only have the politicians been
unrealistic - so have the people. They want their taxes cut but they
don't want their services cut - they want the other guys services cut.
CA has been living on a bubble for years. FL has been living on a bubble
for years. The housing cost in both states was several times over and
above what it was worth - propped up by creative financial instruments.
It crashed - the property devalues so the taxes the local and state
governments got from property taxes goes down. The taxes from sell of
property dries up. Unemployment goes up - tax revenues go down or in FL
tourism goes down so does all the taxes collected from the taxes
directed to tourist dollars....


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