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Re: [RC] AZ - New, Fast-Evolving Rabies Virus Found - Kathy Mayeda

Rabies wasn't even on the recommended list of vacs at least for the
time I've owned horses.  I guess Rabies had been pretty much in
control.  My indoor cats certainly never had a Rabies vaccination.

They just added Rabies to the list for horses last year.  Seems like
they were expecting this resurgance in Rabies.  I think I vaccinated
for Rabies only twice before because I do have pasture horses. I did
vaccinate for rabies because it's a deadly disease that has a simple

Potomac fever is a regional thing.  I did vaccinate once because of
all things I struck up a conversation with a clerk at a sportings good
store and her horse that was boarded really close to my horses had
just recently died of a confirmed case of Potomac Fever (by UC Davis)
which is not endemic to our area.  Apparently it was an isolated case
because no one mentioned Potomac Fever since.  According to some
literature, it can also be called the "Shasta crud" and can be found
in way Northern California.  And I haven't vaccinated for Potomac
Fever since.

Kinda wierd that a vet wouldn't know about Potomac Fever when lay
people obviously know about it!


On Thu, May 7, 2009 at 11:47 AM,  <carolyn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
In Massachusetts, where I used to live, rabies shots was mandatory for dogs
and cats (even indoor cats had to have a rabies shot).? My horses were
vaccinated for rabies as well.? I don't think my vet would have let me get
by without that one.

I now live in southeast Texas.? When I took my horses in for their first set
of shots, the vet asked me what I wanted.? He had never heard of Potomac
Horse Fever, so we didn't get that one.? And the last one on the list was
rabies.? He was surprised.? He said he never did rabies for horses, but he
thought it was a good idea.? I have another vet I use here, asked for rabies
from him, he wasn't as surprised as the other vet, but he didn't do many of

I cannot imagine have animals that live outside 24/7 without it.

Carolyn Burgess

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[RC] AZ - New, Fast-Evolving Rabies Virus Found, carolyn