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Re: [RC] Proper Horse Spacing--Kathy Mayeda [was red ribbons] - Kathy Mayeda

Multifactorial answer.  Begins with proper arena work and could end up
being yanking the reins and yelling at horse!  I only say this because
I don't own any serious tailgaters, but there are times when I need to
get Drako's attention quick when he's having "one of those moments"
and the latter is the way I have to get his attention sometimes.  I
ride him in a rope halter because I don't wan't to be in his mouth
when we have one of those moments.   (Parelli  students have a hundred
and one answers for this, and some of them I feel are
counterproductive - like getting off your horse, circling,
disengaging... Parelli himself probably does the rating so
subconsciously that his horses never tailgate.)

I remember a long time ago when we were both green, Beamer would be
riding in the flank of the horse in front of her going up Windy Hill.
The rider and horse in front of me didn't care - we were with a bunch
of quarter horses on a relatively slow ride.  Beamer seemed to need
the comfort of being that close to the horse.  I don't know when and
how we stopped tailgating, but I guess it's because we did a lot more
riding by ourselves since and we both became more secure on the trail.

There was also one time early in my endurance career that I hate to
admit but I used a horse in front of me as a brake for Beau because I
was struggling with rating, and I admitted it to the rider in front.
They insisted I pass, so I did, and we moved up ahead pretty fast in
our own bubble.  They were polite about it and because of their
foresight and sensitivity they kept it a sane situation.  I had since
learned to rate better by taking lessons, changing to a kimberwicke
and learning to use my seat effectively, and we both had more miles
under our belt between training and just going to endurance rides.

So here are two different reasons for tailgating during my newbie
years under two different circumstances, and the tailgating pattern
was just plain interrupted and not allowed to continue. I don't have
any tailgating issues now.  My friend who always tucks her horse
behind her husband's horse to slow her down is perpetuating quite a
different pattern.


On Sat, Apr 11, 2009 at 8:36 AM, Beverley H. Kane, MD
<sensei@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
What is the best way to teach proper spacing and rating without just pulling
on the reins all the time (given deep seat and upright posture)? Thx.

On 4/8/09 12:37 PM, "Kathy Mayeda" <klmayeda@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

learning proper
horse spacing ?and rating should become a habit

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Re: [RC] red ribbons, Kathy Mayeda
[RC] Proper Horse Spacing--Kathy Mayeda [was red ribbons], Beverley H. Kane, MD