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[RC] The Boston Marathon - k s swigart

Barbara said:

How do you think management of the Boston Marathon
?would take it if John Doe runner ran along with the
?Marathon on the same?course on the same day.?
Well...I cannot speak to the Boston Marathon specifically, but I do know that 
my brother (completely unentered) jogged along with his son (ran the whole 
event) for part of the Seattle Marathon, when my nephew did that.? And I doubt 
that the organizers of the event gave a rats ass.? 
In fact, I think it is a common practice (I am pretty sure I have seen it on 
news clips of marathons) for friends/relations/or even just well wishing 
observers?to jog along with entered participants to provide encouragement and 
cheer them along.? I know that was what my brother was doing for his son.
Personally, I think the AERC's rule about being paced or prompted by unentered 
horses to be a rather silly one.? Hazed by a vehicle?? Sure, but to require 
participants to determine the entry status of any other horses on the trail and 
to have to avoid them if they are not entered in the same event????
If all that is required to be disqualified from an AERC ride is to have ridden 
along with somebody who was not entered into the event, this provides a great 
opportunity for unentered riders (who probably cannot be banned from using the 
trail)?to get entered riders disqualified.? If all I, as a member of the 
public,?have to do in order to help my friend who is running in second place 
into first place is to saddle up an horse and ride along with the front runner 
thereby getting him disqualified for being "paced or prompted" by an unentered 
equine,,,,hopefully you can see the problem here.
Orange County, Calif.

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