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Re: [RC] okay, another question - Katrina Mosshammer

Hi Ronda,
There is one instance where an unentered rider can accompany an entered rider. I was in this position at the Eagle Ranch ride. It did not sound like from your post you were talking about me, but if you were, here is the explanation.
I was entered in the 25 and was sponsoring the junior rider on Saturday's ride. About halfway through the second loop my gelding was suddenly lame. I walked him back to camp with my junior to try to find someone else to take her for her last loop. Unfortunately, by the time we got there everybody was either done or on the orange loop already. There was no one else to take my junior back out to finish her loop. I was given permission to saddle up my mare and accompany the junior on her last loop. I was no longer entered at that point but I was riding as her sponsor.
Katrina Mosshammer (AERC # 5763)

Sent: Monday, April 06, 2009 2:43 PM
Subject: [RC] okay, another question

As long as I'm asking, I thought there was a rule against non-participants riding along with people in competition, even in an LD.  I saw several people "pleasure riding" with their friends in competition. 
And the only reason it bothered me at this ride is because one of those people was on a horse that was disqualified at the check-in for dangerous behavior.  So, the horse was deemed too unruly to be in competition, but the person took it out on the trails with the rest of us anyway. 



[RC] okay, another question, RHONDA LEVINSON