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[RC] Fw: Have you hugged your trailer today? - Becky H

Or how to save a couple hundred $
Bought my used BP trailer from a friend of Karen's for the '04.  Got to doing the math.  My that was 5 years ago.  (See I'm smart too) Decided it was time to pack the bearings.  Now, there are no trailer shops up here on the mountain, I am broke (nothing new there) and I always like knowing that the job was done right, not half assed. 
So, knew the basics but rewatched "youtube" again.  (you can find ANYTHING there) and went out to tackle the job.  Thank goodness for air tools.  I have done the tire thing manually, but wow, the whir of the impact wrench is sweet. 
Got the parts apart, then off to the parts store. Got the new seals (the only thing you need if you have done it before there is a problem)
WARNING: This is a messy job.  If you don't already have automotive hand soap, pick some up at the parts store.  And I did go thru a whole roll of paper towels and about 6 red rags ( yes, I have those too!)
Couldn't get the parts back together just right, so back to the parts store for a "consult".  Back home and finish two tires.  All is good and I am getting much faster and now.  Go for the third wheel.  Couldn't get the seal on straight and ended up screwing it up.  So back to the parts store.   I wanted 2, just in case, so of course he only has one.  Head over to Oakhurst to the other Napa store.  they have plenty, so I buy 2 more.  I also was checking on the special tool that takes those seals off, since a pair of small pliers works but not very well.  At Napa, it was $38.  It stayed at the store.  Stopped in a Kragen.  Had a less substantial model but it was $7.  It came home with me. Works just fine, thank you very much. 
So 4+ hours and 3 trips to the parts store I have a very well done bearing job and was able to visualize my bearings myself and see that the other parts under there seem to be there (the same on both sides) and nothing broken.  While re-installing the tires, did and air check.  They were nearly all 20# low.  So now I am all set to go tackle my 4 other trailers!  HA! 
Seriously, If I had only had to buy the Seals, (once) the job would have cost me less than $50 (tax did go up). 
HTW (horse trailer world) links to an article about trailer safety and how going long distances, or being out on weekends and holidays, it was a good idea to carry spare bearings for your trailer with you.  Doing the repair was easy IF YOU HAD THE PARTS and that axel failure was right behind tire failure.
Becky and the Gang